JPJ to look into vehicles with TV screens

The Road Transport Department is looking into the possibility of amending the Road Transport Act to fine motorists who fix television screens and DVD players in their vehicles.

State Road Transport Department (JPJ) director Datuk Hassan Yaacob said an amendment could be made under Section 66 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for making vehicle alterations without permission.
“It is illegal and dangerous to fix these accessories. A driver can easily get distracted and it may result in accidents,’’ he said.

Hassan said enforcement teams would check if vehicles had complied with approved specifications.
“Those with xenon headlights will be fined RM300 while vehicles with fancy number plates will be fined RM120.

“In the end, they waste money by paying thrice – fixing the parts, paying the fine and paying again to remove them,” he said.

Hassan was commenting on the increasing number of motorists fixing televisions and DVD player sets in their vehicles.

On vehicles that are factory fitted with DVD players and GPS navigators, he said the department would have to look into it.

source : autobizz 

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