Suzuki Shows Off Super Bowl’s Motorized Couch


It’s a …couch? Indeed. Instead of rolling out a new Kizashi trim level or proclaiming the Swift is finally coming Stateside (we can only hope), Suzuki used its stage at the Chicago Auto Show to unveil a motorized davenport.

This three-seat uses Suzuki power — a Hayabusa engine would be wild, but even the 67-cc single from the DR-Z70 kid’s bike would suffice. Sadly, power is instead provided by a Robin SP-170 lawnmower engine, which is manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries — Subaru’s parent organization. Suzuki believes the sofa cabdeliver between 37 and 45 mpg, albeit we don’t know if that’s based upon city, highway, or living room-cycle testing. A single-disc hydraulic brake, mounted directly on the rear axle, is the source of the sofa’s abysmal stopping distances. On the plus side, a chrome-plated, foot-shaped accelerator and a table lamp are also thrown in for good measure.

This couch will exhibit at chicago auto show this Friday, February 11. 

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